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Company Profile

Are you in need of software that will simplify your work with surveying, mapping and design?

Welcome to us at Adtollo! We are experienced software suppliers for those who build society. We can help you in areas such as data coordination, drawing and document management, CAD, GIS, mapping and surveying or pure calculation assignments. Our software helps you to bring order to your chaos.

Since 1993 we develop our own systems and the company is divided into two business areas; Surveying & Mapping and Document management.

Surveying & Mapping includes the products Topocad, TC5D, TopoSurv and Topocad FDO for AutoCAD. Topocad Point cloud is a module which reads the scanning format LAS – the standard for scanning. The module uses the LAS files from scanning instruments as well as other file formats such as PTS, XYZ and other ASCII files.

When it comes to Document management we offer Chaos desktop.

Our clients

Amongst our clients you can find contractors, municipalities, governments and consulting firms. We like to brag about the results in our annual client surveys since we really like our customers and they equally seem to like us.

Our business plan

Adtollo simplifies and creates efficient processes for those who build society.

Adtollo provides modern tools for those who build society. We value trust in the relationship between our unique systems adapted for the mapping and contracting industry and the client.

The Adtollo business is based on the cornerstones:

  • Trust
  • Expertise
  • Efficiency