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CADDEN is specialized for more than 15 years in electronic measurement solutions for precise geopositioning, motion and navigation. CADDEN offers a wide range of products, systems and services (rental pool, training and technical support) for hydrography, oceanography and navigation applications: GNSS receivers, single and multibeam echosounders, IMU/AHRS/INS, gyrocompas, side scan sonars, acoustic cameras, Lidar...
CADDEN design its own brand of sensors: BALI, a portable and autonomous bathymetric system; GEOD, a RTK smart antenna with embedded inertial sensor and UHF TDMA for nabvigation, fleet management; BANANAS, a new generation RTK PPU.
We offer a rental pool to our customers including some high level sensors acquisition systems, including GNSS receivers, multibeam and singlebeam echosounder, side scan sonar, Echoscope acoustic camera, motion sensors, gyrocompas, magnetometer, gradiometer, lidar...

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