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HySpex Mjolnir V-1240

Product Name:HySpex Mjolnir V-1240
Product Description:
Year of last update:
Year of introduction :
Type:Photo and Video Camera
Power consumption:50W
Depth [mm]:0.170
Height [mm]:0.250
Width [mm]:0.175
Weight [gr]:4000
Humidity resistance:
Water sand and dust proof:
Sensor Characteristics 
Type of sensor:VNIR
Focal length of available lenses [mm]:
Lens aperture:1.8
Sensor size [pixels X]:
Sensor size [pixels Y]:
Sensor size [mm X]:
Sensor size [mm Y]:
Pixel size [micrometre]:
Color image size [Megapixels]:
Max. shutter speed [s]:
Number of spectral bands:200
Spectral bands :R, G, B, NIR
Spectral bands wavelengths:VNIR Spectral tange 400 - 1000 nm
Pixel size on the ground [specify height and GSD]:
Max. across-track FOV [deg]:20
Data / System Support 
Dynamic range [bits]:4400
Post-processing for collected raw images:
Image data formats:
Supported positioning methods:GNSS RTK, GNSS PPK
Camera tilts are captured:Yes
Type of GNSS/INS positioning system:Applanix APX-15 UAV
Compatible systems to capture exterior orientation:
Data storage 
Type of storage:
Storage Replaceable :
Storage capacity [Max. mb]:
Precision [pixels]:
Geometric calibration :
Radiometric calibration:
Operation Characteristics 
Min. flying height [m]:
Max flying height [m]:
Exposure trigger from mission planning software:
Mounting included:Yes
Mounting possibilities:The UAV bundle offered by NEO integrates a hyperspectral camera with a PicoITX i7 SSD computer and an Applanix APX-15 UAV navigation system, all fitted into a self-contained module mounted on a passive damping platform.
Processing Software included:
Recommended photogrammetric processing software:
Lenses and Sensors 
Irradiance sensor:
Exchangeable lens:
Available lenses:
Additional specifications 
Main applications :he HySpex Mjolnir V-1240 hyperspectral imaging system for UAVs provides a unique combination of small form factor and low mass, combined with high performance specifications and scientific grade data quality.
Distinguishable features :NEO offers a high-performance unmanned aerial vehicle which is fully integrated with the HySpex Mjolnir V-1240 UAV bundle. The system is fitted with a standard battery package allowing up to 30 minutes flight time. All HySpex Mjolnir systems can also be mounted on a tripod and rotation stage for ground use.

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Supplier Information
  • HySpex

  • Prost Stabels Vei 22
  • 2019 Skedsmokorset
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  • Norway