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Product Name:Ellipse-E
Product Description:Ellipse-E is a small-sized high performance Inertial Navigation System. It provides Roll, Pitch, Heading, and Heave, and computes Navigation data when connected to an external GNSS receiver. It accepts Odometer aiding to maintain the best accuracy in challenging environments. This light-weight sensor (49 grams) includes a MEMS-based Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) and runs an enhanced Extended Kalman Filter (EKF) which fuses inertial and aiding information to provide accurate real time orientation and navigation data.
Year of last update:2017
Year of initial development:2014
System components:Accelerometer(s), Gyroscope(s), Magnetometer(s), Pressure sensor
Height [mm]:24
Width [mm]:45
Length [mm]:46
Weight [gr]:49
Power Supply  
Min. Voltage (DC):36
Max. Voltage (DC):5
Power consumption [W]:0.46
Non-operating shock tolerance [g]:
Operating shock tolerance [g]:
Min. operating temperature [C]:
Max. operating temperature [C]:
Splashproof casting:
Water resistant casting:
Water resistance [m]:
Casting and coating:
Heading static accuracy [ ° ]:
Heading dynamic accuracy [ ° ] :0.5
Pitch and Roll static accuracy [ ° ]:
Pitch and Roll dynamic accuracy [ ° ]:0.1
Max. rotation speed [deg/s]:
Interface types:
Interfaces :RS-322, RS-422, USB, UART, CAN
Other interfaces and additional information:
Start up time [s]:
Output data formats:GGA, RMC, HDT, ZDA
Output frequency [ Hz ]:200
Num. of Gyroscopes :3
Range [± ° / sec]:
Resolution [ ° / s ]:
In-Run Bias Stability [ °/ hr]:
Bandwidth [ Hz ]:
Non-linearity [ % ]:
Alignment Error [ ± ° ]:
Num. of Accelerometers:3
Range [max g]:
Resolution [mg]:
In-Run Bias Stability [mg]:
Bandwidth [ Hz ]:
Non-linearity [ % ]:
Alignment Error [ ± ° ]:
Num. of Magnetometers:3
Range [ ± Gauss ] :
Resolution [ microtesla ]:
In-Run Bias Stability [ nT ]:
Bandwidth [ Hz ]:
Non-linearity [ max % ]:
Noise :
Temperature sensor 
Temperatue sensor:
Temperature measurement range:
Resolution [ ° C ]:
Temperature measurement accuracy:
Pressure sensor 
Pressure sensor:Y
Measurement range [ Pa ]:
In-Run Bias Stability [ RMS Pa ] :
Accuracy pressure sensor:
Additional specifications 
Distinguishable features :Ellipse-E offers 1,000 Hz output rate for IMU data and 200 Hz filtered data output. With the best Performance/price ratio, the Ellipse-E offers the ability to connect to an external GNSS receiver for a continuous fusion of inertial and position data in order to deliver a robust trajectory even during GNSS outages.
Application:Autonomous vehicle navigation Point cloud data georeferencing

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Supplier Information
  • SBG Systems

  • 1, avenue Eiffel
  • 78420 Carrières-sur-Seine
  • France



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