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DT-200 series

Product Name:DT-200 series
Product Description:With our DT-205 you'll be up and working fast, thanks to its simple interface and large, easy-to-see backlit LCD. There's an optical plummet that makes set up over a control point easy, and a tilt sensor that provides ±3 minute angle correction.
Year of introduction :
Height [m]:
Width [m]:
Depth [m]:
Weight [kg]:4.1
Operating temperature: min. [°C]:122
Operating temperature: max. [°C]:-68
Dust & Water proof [IP] :IP66
Angle Measurement 
Angle accuracy ["] :5
Units [Deg, mil, gon] :Deg, gon
Measuring method:Absolute reading
Horizontal angle:2 sides
Vertical angle :1 side
Display resolution:0.5mgon
Image :
Aperture [mm]:45
Focus distance min [m]:0.9
Focus distance max [m] :
Field of view:1°30'
Stadia Ratio / constant:100
Optical Plummet 
Optical plummet:Y
Field of view:
Focusing range min [m]:0.5
Focusing range max [m]:
Compensator and Level 
Type of compensator:vertical
Automatic compensation:Y
Level sensitivity:3'
Interface and User Interaction 
Display :2 sides
Number of sides with display keyboard:2
Other interfaces:
Battery type:AA batteries
Power supply (internal/external with specs):4 AA batteries
Operating time on fully charged battery [hr]:140
Data management 
Integration with GNSS receiver possible [Y/N] :N
Data storage internal:
Data storage external:Field controller or laptop
More information 
Distinguishable features :Waterproof and dustproof. R@232C Data i/o port

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