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Product Name:iNAT-RQT-4003, iNAT-FSSG, iNAT-RQH (INS/GNSS)
Product Description:
Type of application:Air, Land, Marine
Year of initial development:2015
Height [m]:0.13
Width [m]:0.189
Length [m]:0.25
Weight [kg]:4.6
Min. Voltage (AC):0
Max. Voltage (AC):0
Min. Voltage (DC):10
Max. Voltage (DC):35
Power consumption [W]:20
Splashproof casting:Y
Water resistant casting:Y
Water resistance [m]:1
Mean time between failures [hr]:35000
Type of accelerometer:servo accelerometers
Type of gyro:RLG / FOG / HRG
Removable from base plate:Y
Moving parts:N
Non-operating shock tolerance [g]:30
Operating shock tolerance [g]:30
Min. operating temperature [C]:-40
Max. operating temperature [C]:71
Max. rotation speed [deg/s]:1000
Data formats 
NMEA formats:all common incl. specials with standard deviation
GNSS aided uncertainty 
Heading [deg]:0.01
Pitch [deg]:0.01
Roll [deg]:0.01
Heave: constant part [m]:0.05
Heave: variable part [%]:5
Surge/sway [m]:0
Increase in position uncertainty w.r.t. stand-alone GPS [m]:0.02
EM log aided uncertainty 
Heading [deg]:0.03
Pitch [deg]:0.01
Roll [deg]:0.01
Heave [m]:0.05
Surge/sway [m]:0
Decrease in position accuracy [m/hr]:0
Doppler log aided uncertainty 
Heading [deg]:0.03
Pitch [deg]:0.01
Roll [deg]:0.01
Heave [m]:0.05
Surge/sway [m]:0
Decrease in position accuracy [m/hr]:0
Unaided uncertainty 
Heading [deg]:0.05
Pitch [deg]:0.02
Roll [deg]:0.02
Heave [m]:0.05
Surge/sway [m]:0
Decrease in position accuracy [m/hr]:0
Inertial Measurement Unit 
Accelerometer bias [µ-g]:100
gyro bias [deg/hr]:0.002
Calibration procedure:We at iMAR Navigation have our own calibration lab (several 2-axes and 3-axes turntables with temperature chamber) and an in-house Vibration/shock test facilities. We also operate a Motion Simulator to apply real ship coning Motion (angle and translatoral motions!) and to test our stabilization platforms in house in Germany.
Adaptable filter strength: 27+ state ext. Kalman filter (iMAR proprietary) All agorithms, hardware & software (real-time on the embedded hardware as well as GUI under Linux and Windows) developed at iMAR under 25 years of experiece in naval, land, airborne and drilling applications. All data fusion is applied on the operational hardware and also available for data post processing.
Adaptable input signals:Y
Integrity monitoring of position input:Y
Integrity monitoring of log input:Y
Max. number of position input signals:4
Max. number of log input signals:4
Maximum latency of position input [ms]:2000
Maximum latency of log input [ms]:2000
Uncertainty indicators given in output:standard deviations for all output values
Uncertainty of time stamp for output [ms]:0.001
Other specifications 
Export restrictions:no ITAR restrictions (only standard dual-use for all gyro compassing systems as usual); simplified EU001 procedure applicable.
Graphical user interface:Y
Typical application:geographical surveying, naval vehicle control, dynamic positioning, drilling, photogrammetry, geo-referencing, LIDAR and laser scanning on airborne and land vehicles, platform stabilization, defence applications, UAV and AUV navigation, autonomous vehicle control, INS/GNSS applications with down to centimeter Level accuracy. iMAR also offers data fusin with image processing, radar / lidar etc., e.g. for vehicle control and monitoring.
Distinguishable features:highest time stamping accuracy (1 µsec) for all signals due to internal extended FPGA based processing, supported by powerful ARM architecture. The Systems are available with all kind of sensor technology (RLG, FOG, HRG) to assure best performance under all environment conditions (even under strong temperature gradients and vibration, where common FOG based systems are showing strongly degraded Performance). High configuration flexibility compared to other systems like SPAN (NovAtel TM). Data logger capability with internal 32 GByte SD memory.

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